Exhausted vs. Spent

Many people in our nation feels exhausted. Spinning our wheels unable to find traction to move toward a better tomorrow.

We need to feel spent. That tired feeling at the end of the day after you have given yourself to something you believe in. It is a good feeling and you sleep damn amazingly.

This takes work to be spent, not exhausted.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself that will help you set a clear vision and patterns that move you toward spent.

  1. Who do you want to become?
  2. What do you want to create?
  3. What activities can you do today that add value to your mind, body, and soul/spirit?
  4. What can you read/listen to that will give you knowledge or insight into a goal you have?
  5. What is one bold move you can take today that could move you toward your goal?

Now go take action and live damnit! If you need help creating a strong plan to achieve your goals, head over to FlourishingPledge.com . We have workshops every few months to help you and they are free.

My son celebrating after his run up the rocky stairs and spending all day exploring a city he loves. Spent… not exhausted.